A Breath of Fresh Air

This time of year, one could get whiplash from the weather. Sunny and 60 degrees turns to 30 degrees and snowy the second part of the week. We get excited and put away our coats only to shiver our way back to the closet later that day. What’s worse is that the sun is taking its game of peekaboo very seriously.

But, every once in a while there will be what I like to call a Spring Burst. The clouds hide for maybe just an hour or two, the sun stretches out and we get another unexpected notification that warmer days are on the way. Don’t worry that you’ll miss them all; the birds will flip feathers and be sure to let you know.

Now. I completely understand that it’s not always possible or practical to drop everything you have planned and go rejoice in the day – most of us have work to do, places to go, and people to see. Even if you could find a way to play hooky, it’s almost impossible to plan a perfect outside day when the weather can only be predicted 5 minutes ahead of time.

I’m finding that when the weather is sporadic it’s even more important to take as many mini-“sick” days as possible to just breathe. No 24-hour stomach bug announcement necessary.

Five, ten, twenty minutes tops will do the trick to go for a quick walk to or even to just sit and soak up the rays on your lunch break (and you should definitely be taking a lunch break – but that’s a conversation for another post).

If you insist that you don’t have five minutes to spare, then take a note from one of my college professors and go stand outside, take three, long, deep breathes. That’s it. No more obligation and your lungs will thank you for the break from processed, conditioned air.

Maybe the sun just needs a little positive reinforcement.

Halie Solea 2013By Halie Solea

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