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App Happy

We’re really grateful for this look at life in the area to which we hope to move soon by viewing the magazine app. As an artist, graphic designer, font designer and self-publisher, many of your articles are of direct interest. My wife’s a decorative painter, jewelry maker and pastor, so she’s equally interested.

I should mention, I basically do not like apps. Yours is the first one I have really enjoyed and read end to end. It’s beautifully done.

– David Bergsland, slowly and laboriously typed on the iPad

Print Happy

When folks talk about the demise of the “print” business, I always point them to you guys as one good example of smart publishers who made the transition. Keep up the good work!

– Leanna Landsmann, sent from my iPad

Taughannock Falls is shown on the cover of the September/October 2015 issue. The waterfall shown on page 50 of the same issue, also labeled Taughannock Falls, is actually the upper falls. It is in the same gorge several hundred yards above the main waterfall. The photograph shown was taken from an abandoned railroad bridge that spans the upper falls. Views of the gorge from that bridge are definitely worth the five minute walk. If you continue up the road from the main falls overlook and turn left at the “T” you will see a parking lot on your left. The railroad bridge, maintained as part of the park trail system, is a short walk from there.

– Len Dawson

There are two schools of thought on these falls. Some think that the series of waterfalls are all a part of Taughannock Falls. And others think there should be clarification on the upper falls. I think clarification probably works best.

– Editor

My husband and I enjoyed your story on Trumansburg (September/October 2015 issue by James Hughes). We are long time residents of the village – more than 75 years– and it was fun reading your view of our town. But you neglected  to mention that we have a beautiful 18-hole public golf course in the village. USGA rules govern play and we hope to see you back in the area sometime to play a relaxing round of golf.
– Margaret Northrup

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