Young Blood Discovery Festival ‘24 Heats Up the Scene


Bigger and Better: The Sequel Amps Up in March

Ithaca College’s Entertainment MBA students are organizing the Young Blood Discovery Festival dated for March 23, 2024.This event, hosted at Deep Dive music venue, promises an evening filled with exceptional musical talent from the local Ithaca region, as well as a band from NYC. These bands range from well-recognized acts to emerging artists, each contributing their unique performance style. Band members include students from Ithaca College and Cornell University.

This year Sun Parade, Good Head and Lost Mary’s Band will be performing.

The festival’s primary goal is to spotlight regional bands that embody the local community’s spirit and articulate the magical essence of its musical scene. The Entertainment MBA students are eager to bring the Ithaca community and varying students together for a fun night. The Young Blood Discovery festival also aims to become an annual event in Ithaca.

“We are anticipating this event to be an epic mix of music and community,” said Nick Matacchieri, venue coordinator.

For tickets and more information on the Young Blood Discovery Festival and the bands, visit and @young_blood_discovery_fest on Instagram.


The Young Blood Discovery Festival  is a production of South Hill Entertainment, a project of the Ithaca College MBA Entertainment Media Management program.   For more information call 607 274 1314.  (C) 2024 South Hill Entertainment. 

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