Winter 2014

Cover: In winter, look for dramatic lighting (here a setting sun) to create picturesque photos like this one captured by photographer Derek Doeffinger in Perinton.


Laughter and Good Humor in a Finger Lakes Village
21st Annual Dickens Event in Skaneateles
by Tara Lynn
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13th Annual Life in the Finger Lakes Photo Contest
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Sighting the Tundra Ghost
An irruption of snowy owls in the Finger Lakes
by Phillip Bonn

Behold... Breakfast!
Breakfast gems found in the region
story and photos by Cindy Ruggieri


My Own Words
thoughts from the editor
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reader feedback
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Finger Lakes Map
areas of interest in this issue

news and events

Finger Lakes Scrapbook
reader snapshots

in business
Barreling ahead
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in the open air

Book Look
reading reviews

Finger Lakes Funny
stories that make you laugh

Natural History Almanac
outdoor observations from 2013

Day in the Life
moment in time
A unique antique boutique

A Proud Community
cities & villages
Canisteo – a picturesque village in the valley

Fruit of the Vine
wines, spirits & brews
An intimate approach at Kemmeter Wines

Index of Advertisers

be a better photographer
Tips for fabulous winter photos
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