When a Doorway IS a Window


“A home is not just a place ... it’s a feeling.”

- Anonymous
story and photos by James P. Hughes

Yes, a home certainly conveys a feeling, a personality often revealed by its inviting doorway. That entrance provides a window into its interior, an artful sign to inspire curiosity.

Classical architecture is sprinkled throughout Finger Lakes communities, from Victorian to Gothic to Renaissance Revival, ever with eye-catching features. Gables and gingerbread. Turrets and transoms. Columns and cornices. The doorway enhances those styles with flowers, flair, and finesse. It brings into focus what may lie within … bright, subtle, or alluring décor, perhaps even genial history or intriguing mystery.

Providing a statement from bold and striking to muted and sedate, a doorway can speak to any season – the freshness of spring, a sunny look on a summer day, autumn’s crispness, the color and spirit of the holiday season during winter months.

The doorway can be a home’s intentional invitation, appealing and welcoming … a homeowner’s palette of personality.

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