Warmer Days Ahead

May and June are the months when you have a new lease on life. Everything is fresh and green and warm and new – at least here in the Finger Lakes it is. That’s one good thing about living in the Northeast – you may have to wait a bit for warmer days as winter lags into spring, but once spring and early summer arrive, it is time to celebrate.

I just love the diversity and the changes we go through living in the Finger Lakes. They say that if you’re bored with the weather in New York State, just wait a few hours. It could change that quickly. The weather certainly keeps residents on their toes.

When dining out in warmer weather, I’ve recently made it a habit to request a table outside as often as I can. This is usually an option only from about mid-April until the middle of September. That’s a total of five months out of 12, or about 40 percent of the year. Other parts of the country may have better outdoor opportunities almost 100 percent of the time, but then again, those places can’t claim to offer a white Christmas!

As soon as the temperature goes up a little, sure enough I start to see motorcycle enthusiasts hitting the roads with their two wheels of freedom. I’ve been told that riding a motorcycle through the country roads and quaint villages of the Finger Lakes is one of the best ways to experience the region – you can feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your head (or in some cases the raindrops battering your helmet). The point is, you’re in the weather and not isolated from the environment like those of us who choose to ride in air-conditioned comfort in a closed-in vehicle.

The articles in this magazine issue are as diverse as the weather in this region. You can learn about a new cash crop - mushrooms.  You can find out where you can listen to different types of music at the Geneva Music Festival and the Finger Lakes Opera. History plays an important role here as well – the village of Rushville has many unique stories to offer, and did you know that Occupational Therapy started in Clifton Springs?

Even if none of these things appeal to you, you can always just pick a bright sunny day and lay out among the beautiful yellow dandelion flowers, contemplating their simple beauty and maybe even your place in the universe.

by Mark Stash, mark@lifeinthefingerlakes.com

Callout to plein air artists!

June 17, 2017 - Finger Lakes Museum Paint Out Event

Artists will gather at the Finger Lakes Museum campus in Branchport and paint the beautiful surrounding meadows, woods, Sugar Creek and Keuka Lake. Artists also have the option to paint within a three-mile radius of the museum. Judging of paintings will occur in the late afternoon with prizes going to the winning paintings. Artwork will then be on display at a local venue for approximately one month (location to be determined). At the end of that time there will be an art opening with opportunities for artwork sales. Details to follow.

E-mail Mark Stash at mark@lifeinthefingerlakes.com if you are interested. Please include your contact information, two samples of your work or a website link.

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