A Visit to Cornell Cinema

Tonight I will be going to see Psycho, the psychological and suspense horror by Alfred Hitchcock, at Cornell Cinema. The premise of the film revolves around a motel owner, Norman Bates, living under the domineering influence of his mother. When a young woman named Marion shows up at the motel, she will bring to light the pathologies of Norman and his mother. I have never seen a film screened at Cornell Cinema, and am excited to have my first visit be under the conditions of such a well-known thriller that I also have never experienced.

Cornell Cinema, located on-campus in Cornell's Willard Straight Theatre, offers movies to students and the public five nights a week. The variety of genres ranges from classic, foreign, documentary, independent, silent, and recent Hollywood films. Other films screening this week at Cornell Cinema are Moonlight, Get Out, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Logan, My Neighbor Totoro, and Mad Max: Fury Road in 3D.

With its main purpose being to expose the Ithaca community to alternative forms of cinema and give voice to the underrepresented, Cornell Cinemas screens over 150 diverse films a year. It organizes guest filmmaker and videomaker speakers to take part in panel discussions with audiences and offers occasional faculty introductions. Festivals such as IthaKid Film Festival, during which “unusual children's programs” are screened, and Cats!!, a series presenting the Internet Cat Video Festival, also serve the community and encourage audiences to engage and reflect in the media they are being served.

Ticket prices are reasonable, with the adult rate being $8, students and children $5.50, and all weekend matinees $5.50. A discount Cornell Cinema Six Pass card is also available for purchase, $27 for students, $35 for seniors, and $40 for the general public.

By Kathleen Malnati

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