Ventosa Vineyards Announces the Release of Three New Wines


Ventosa is excited to announce 3 new releases now available! 2015 Cabernet Franc & the 2 highly anticipated Saggio XI & 2015 Sangiovese.

2015 Cabernet Franc makes a nice first impression with a vivid nose that gives way to a smooth harmony of rich stone fruits and resonating jam. Silky tannins on the finish allow this wine to achieve a satisfying symmetry. This parent grape to Cabernet Sauvignon is the estate's oldest and hardiest varietal. Picked later in the harvest for a higher brix count and aged in French oak. This wine pairs perfectly with veal, sausage,soft cheeses, and grilled beef.

Saggio XI is the newest realization of Ventosa's signature blend! Comprised of the best red varietals selected from our new two-year minimum barrel-aging program, this wine embodies our mission of excellence. Mature dark fruit complimented by a smooth, supple finish. This "Library Wine" is only available in limited quantities and not eligible for any discounts or other special offers.

2015 Sangiovese is full-bodied with a smooth finish. This wine's garnet hue and hints of rhubarb and cherry on the nose are previews to the subtle elegance of this wine. Well-structured fruit and smooth tannins harmoniously entwine to give our Sangiovese a palate embracing warmth. This wine goes very well with roast pork, cured Italian meats, and grilled veggies.

Stop by Ventosa and taste these delicious new wines or buy them online at

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