Craft Distillery Unveils DIY Gin Distilling Workshop

Finger Lakes Distilling, a craft distillery on New York’s Seneca Lake, recently announced that they will begin accepting reservations for a new and innovative workshop that allows visitors to distill their own custom designed blend of gin.

The OriGINal Gin Workshop begins with a botanical selection and blending session in which participants sample from botanical distillates to decide their unique flavor of gin. Participants then grind their choice of botanicals for distillation and run the Finger Lakes Distilling “Wee Still” with the assistance of head distiller, Jared Baker, Ph.D. Baker says, “For our new program, you become the distiller.  I’m only here to guide you and to help you to make the best, custom-made gin possible – and have a great time doing it.”

The remainder of the 4-hour program includes a full tour of the Finger Lakes Distilling facilities, a Gin 101 course with founder and president Brian McKenzie, and a session for customizing the OriGINal Gin bottles. When asked what makes this program unique, McKenzie stated, “Our OriGINal Gin Workshop is the first of its kind. While there are several do-it-yourself gin kits on the market, this workshop will allow for a truly hands-on experience in crafting and distilling your own gin.”

The workshop is designed for groups of 1-8 people and guarantees 40 bottles of customized OriGINal Gin for the group. More information is available at

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