Unique Airbnb: A Great Fit for Families

by Kyra Bean

Guests are in for a unique backcountry experience at Heather North’s Whitetail Deer Farm of Canandaigua Lake Airbnb. Here they can enjoy 25 acres of land and walking trails, collect fresh eggs from the chicken coop, and pet and feed any of the 13 whitetail deer.

While many accommodations can only fit four people, Heather’s large house can fit 10, allowing big families to stay together.

After discovering her interest in her parents’ deer farm, Heather got her breeding license from the Department of Environmental Conservation and has been raising her deer for six years now. Since she can’t capture or rescue any from the wild, her first three came from another farmer. With the goal of breeding those with the largest antlers, she seeks out the best genes in the country.

Heather decided to turn her farm into an Airbnb after her son graduated and she had extra space to fill. Now, renters stay in her large A-frame house while she stays in her hobby house elsewhere on the property. Guests have access to cooking and barbequing equipment, as well as to a pond for swimming, fishing, or bonfires – and they can even hang out with her peacock.

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