Union Springs Farmer Demonstrates the Best in Environmental Farming Practices

Left to right: Tricia Kerr, Cayuga County Legislator; farmer Todd Du Mond; Deputy Secretary of Food & Agriculture Kevin King; Assembly Persons John Lemondes and Colleen Klein.

New York farmers are taking major steps to address climate change, and technology is helping them do it, a high-profile Union Springs corn and soybean grower told state officials today as he led them on a tour of his family farm.

During the tour, Todd Du Mond demonstrated the planting and harvesting practices that farmers are using to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Deputy Secretary for Food & Agriculture Kevin King and Assemblymember John Lemondes, Jr., and Tricia Kerr, Cayuga County legislator, participated in the tour. A crowd of state farmer leaders and reporters were also present at the event.

“We want our policymakers to understand that farmers are not only feeding and fueling the world, we are also on the frontlines in the fight against climate change,” said Du Mond. “We are using cutting-edge technology and smart farming practices to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. Our vertical integration enables us to process the crops we grow into livestock feed and biofuel used to power the process.”

During the tour, Du Mond talked about the technology in crop production and the conservation practices that minimize their carbon footprint. He also talked about maximizing crops by using them for a number of sustainable purposes, including everything from planting to the creation and delivery of biofuel. Du Mond discussed how farmers live for the soil, the sun, the rain and how the ecosystem is fundamentally essential to the success of agriculture.

“I really enjoyed meeting with Deputy Secretary King, Assemblymember Lemondes and Legislator Kerr,” said Du Mond. “Their presence at the event showed that they have a deep appreciation for the work of New York farmers. I hope some of the takeaways from today’s event will be helpful to them as they work on issues involving climate policy.”

The event was sponsored by the New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association.

The New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association is a grassroots organization representing corn and soybean producers’ interests. The Association works to develop and expand markets, educate members and consumers and enhance public policy for corn and soybean growers in the Empire State. The Association sponsors research on corn and soybean production, utilization, and marketing; and hosts educational programs on management, production, and marketing. The Association is also a Qualified State Soybean Board and administers New York’s soybean checkoff.

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