Located next to Taughannock Falls in Trumansburg, this is the family home of Woodhouse owner Patrick Seaman. The exterior is multi-textured with stone, glass, lots of exterior timbers, cedar clapboard and cedar shake, and the interior features a large, arched cathedral space. This home, as well as many of the homes that Woodhouse has built in the Finger Lakes, is available for tours.

Traditional timber framing is a centuries-old method of construction. The structure of these buildings is made of heavy, squared-off and carefully fitted timbers that are secured with mortise and tenon joinery. It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier.

Woodhouse, The Timber Frame Company designs and manufactures timber frame homes that are then built across North America – and around the world. Headquartered an hour south of the Finger Lakes Region in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, the company’s owner calls Trumansburg home. The company’s blend of tradition and technology is evident in its homes, which are designed using state-of-the-art CAD technology. The timbers are cut on a CNC machine, which allows for sophisticated joinery, and the frame is enclosed with a shell made up of CNC-cut structural insulated panels (SIPs), creating arguably the most energy efficient building method available.

Woodhouse’s first home was constructed 35 years ago and, in 1983, it built its first Finger Lakes home in Hammondsport. Over 800 timber frames later, Woodhouse is a leader in the modern timber framing industry and has multiple builds going on in the Finger Lakes Region at any given time.

by Timothy Youngs

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