The Sounds of SILO

Left to right: Rick Lundgren, Dave Walton, and Laurie Leenhouts

Sunrise breezes whisper through the mist of early dawn,
The vineyard rustles nervously as autumn comes along,
Her fragrance paints a portrait of it’s vintage wine in song,
’Til the changin’ of the season comes along my friend,
’Til the changin’ on the season comes along,
Still the vineyard the shadow of a cloud,
Who’s spirit fills the valley...and the pastures all around.

-- Excerpt from: “South Bristol Welcome Home”, Every Picture Tells a Story-CD, 2000 by Dave Walton

Since SILO’s early days, the vision for me has been mostly variety. I like original, I like traditional, I like variety. I’ve had the good fortune of playing with versatile and well-rounded musicians, and I’ve taken advantage of it. My musical background was originally pop, then folk.

Laurie Leenhouts – on the fiddle – brings a strong knowledge of classical music, though her passion today is Irish music. She’s very flexible and adapts well to the differing styles of music that SILO has become. I’ve found that over the five years we’ve played together, there are just so many great melodies out there that  people enjoy hearing

It’s best for us to play to a whole spectrum of musical tastes. We most often play a “mixed crowd” and have a variety of songs that we think people will enjoy hearing. Laurie’s been great at adapting to that unusual style.

I do most of the vocals and play acoustic rythm guitar. Playing furiously or finger picking some gentle folk melody are both easy for me. It’s helped to define the variety that SILO has become known for. Laurie is equally comfortable playing a torrid Ragtime tune as she is playing a beautiful lilting Irish melody. The audience loves it!

Rick Lundgren is our bass player. He would much rather be playing ’60s and ’70s rock and roll. Rick’s been on a couple CDs we’ve done and will be helping on the next one I’m starting this fall. The bass always fills in nicely behind the melody instruments and vocals. Regardless of the challenge, Rick’s able to play it.

Both Laurie and Rick work with other groups with varied musical interests. I perform solo as the opportunity arises. But when we work together, we are SILO!

A vast amount of our performing effort goes to the elderly in the adult care facilities in and around Rochester. We have designed a very special seasonal program for these folks throughout the year and our music program is sought after and appreciated.

Call 585-742-8057 for booking information. Send an email to davewalton or visit our website at

by Dave Walton

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