The Pros and Cons of Drinking Roadside Spring Water

By Madis Senner

We call it living water because it is alive, tastes great and is good for your health and well-being.

The New York State Department of Conservation (DEC) will tell you that you should not drink water from roadside springs because it can be harmful to your health and may contain bacteria, chemicals, contaminants and more….

The DEC is right, there are inherent dangers to drinking Living Water. But if you are judicious about it, do your research and are careful the benefits are well worth the risk.

I have been drinking living water from springs for years. When I go to collect my water it is not unusual to meet someone that has been drinking water from that spring for decades. I once ran into a person whose family has been using a particular spring for generations.

There are at least a dozen public springs in the Finger Lakes and probably many more.

Living water is essentially unprocessed water that comes from the earth and has not been contaminated with pollutants, or adulterated in anyway. Think of processed food, and that is probably equivalent of what you are drinking.

Of a higher order and related to living water is what dowsers call primary water. Primary water is considered newly created water from deep in the earth. It rises through faults and fissures in the earth. Others refer to living water as raw water.

The New York Times reported at the end of last year in Unfiltered Fervor: The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid that raw water is the new rage in Silicon Valley. It is extremely popular and expensive to purchase. The article correctly points out that water can pick up lead in pipes and that water treatment facilities kill beneficial bacteria. 

Some of the benefits of living water;

  • It contains minerals.
  • It is not full of chemicals or pollutants like chlorine. Critical because chlorinated water can wreak have on your gut bacteria, or micro biome.
  • It has not been oxidized. Water treatment can oxidize water, which increases the oxygen content of water and makes it inflammatory to the body. Inflammation is the root cause of just about every disease and illness.
  • It is energized. In its movement water picks up energy, the life force.
  • It may contain beneficial bacteria.
  • It is natural and organic.

Here are some tips to reduce the chances of illness if you are interested in drinking water from a spring near you,

  • Testimonials from either from people getting water at the spring, or online.
  • Crowds at a spring are a good thing and may be an indication no one has gotten sick from the spring.
  • Some springs are tested. Call the town where the spring is and ask.
  • Pay to test the water yourself.

Make sure to keep bottled water cool and away from sunlight.

There are several ways to find a spring near you. Ask. Talk to people that care about their health and lead healthy lifestyles. Go to a health food store and ask.

You can also go online to search for a spring at, Find a Spring    Although its list is far from complete.

I feel that drinking living water these past few years along with other life changes has provided a significant improvement in my health. Then there is the taste. Cold spring water is absolutely delicious.

Be careful, but drink living water. Its good for you.

Madis Senner is an author who lives in Syracuse. His latest book is Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World You can read his musings at,



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