The Geneva Music Festival Celebrates its 13th Year

ATLYS, one of the artists at this year's festival, is a four-woman, classically trained, unique crossover string quartet.

The Geneva Music Festival enters its 13th season this year, performing a course of eight concerts from May 21 to June 11. GMF artists-in-residence and visiting artists will explore the connection between music and experiences that uplift our spirits, make us seek something larger in the universe, or cause us to contemplate our place here on planet Earth. This eight-concert series explores composers throughout history who have been inspired by their religious beliefs or by the universal themes embedded in cultural myths to create music of rich meaning and beauty.

Festival Director Geoffrey Herd states, “I'm excited to share our 2023 theme, “Gods, Myths, and the Divine,” through which we will explore musical masterpieces inspired by composers' religious and spiritual beliefs. Walking through Milan last summer, I was struck by the inimitable architecture of the Duomo di Milano and found myself pondering how many of the world's greatest pieces of art grow naturally out of their creator's religious beliefs. I'm thrilled to dive into this repertoire of works, some part of the canonic classical chamber music literature and some lesser-known works as well."

GMF’s resident musicologist, Anya Wilkening, adds: “Faith has historically been a great inspiration for artists — this is apparent in any museum, where you’ll undoubtedly encounter religious art. This season’s theme is compelling because it allows us to not only explore diverse spiritual practices, but also because it offers us the opportunity to think broadly about the power of music: its ability to both convey and create belief.” 

Perennial audience-favorite ATLYS returns this season, as well as Clive Greensmith of the illustrious Montrose Trio, and many of our core artists-in-residence. New surprises will abound with Grammy-winning Time for Three, the stunning Iris Trio, and many more.

With exceptionally talented artists, and a thoughtfully integrated concert series, we hope you’ll join us for this exploration of how music can inspire and elevate us beyond our mundane existence.

The Geneva Music Festival was founded in 2011 by Geneva, New York violinist Geoffrey Herd and fellow local musicians violinist Eliot Heaton and cellist Hannah Collins as a weekend of chamber music in their hometown. Now in its 13th season, the festival has grown to a nearly month-long event that draws thousands of attendees from across the Finger Lakes region. Each year, the Festival continues its mission of inspiring people with world-class chamber music and engaging diverse audiences in its outreach programs. To find out more, and to purchase tickets, visit our website at

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