The Colors of Spring

Tulips in bloom, Cortland
Story and photos by Cindy Ruggieri

Around the time of year when I can't bear to see another snowflake, I find myself looking up. Not at the sky for snow clouds, but at the tree line. And then I see it: the sheen of red, the faint glow of yellow, the gentle budding of trees that all but shouts out to us, “Yes, I'm on my way.”

Spring is the time when the world around us awakens from a deep winter slumber, coating our world with a palette of color. The first flower in my yard, the crocus, pretty in pink as it peeks out of the ground, soon gives way to the sunny yellow daffodils and the myriad colors of the tulips.

There is a race in every household to see who can be the first to say spring's favorite phrase, “I saw a robin today.” Dogwoods burst into bloom, a bold statement to one of spring's finest moments. Vineyards come alive. Wildlife peeks out from behind a cover of foliage, new life frolicking by its side.

Suddenly the grass looks greener and the lake water looks bluer. Boats are once again filling the marinas, owners gleeful in their primping and polishing, preparing once again for a sun-kissed sail.

Spring has its own background music: birds in song, the patter of raindrops, the gentle rumble of fields being plowed, and our own quiet murmur of thanks that pesky bugs still soundly sleep.

As you travel the byways of our beautiful Finger Lakes region, take time to pause and appreciate the colors and sights and sounds that signal nature's awakening.

Savor spring.

Spring blossoms surround this Cortland church


Baby robin poses for the camera


Greek Peak minus snow!


The green countryside along Route 41



There’s a lot of life left in this old tree






Rhododendrons in bloom at Cornell Plantations

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