The Boyd Method

By Gabrielle L. Wheeler

Penn Yan business owner, Persephone Boyd, is taking her training in massage therapy and integrative healing to the next level to treat the whole person – with results. What began as a journey to free herself from pain, Boyd has discovered a method that empowers, releases, and renews clients from the inside out. With individualized treatment plans, Boyd is able to see clients face-to-face or remotely to help clients find release and freedom from the pain they suffer.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) and licensed massage therapist (LMT), Boyd has been a professional energy healer since 2006. In an effort to relieve back pain from a herniated disc in 2004, Boyd herself sought treatment from many different professionals, including chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage, but none set her back to normal. Throughout the years, she has traveled around the country taking continuing education classes for her massage therapy license and seeking relief for her back pain. “I would take a class and I would be like, ‘Whoo, that one move really made me feel better.’ So, I would integrate it into my sessions, and so before I knew it, I was not doing a modality – a specialized kind of body work,” she says. A modality would be classified as a certain type of body or energy work, such as Swedish massage or myofascial release. Boyd says that as clients came to her requesting a certain type of massage, she found she couldn’t give the specific results they were looking for. On the contrary, when she took the time to address the reasons they sought out a massage therapist to begin with, and then integrated all the tools in her toolbox, amazing things happened. “It’s a life-style change about how they are and how they think, how they move their body. It’s really about self-healing,” says Boyd about her method.

Specializing to incorporate new cellular memory in the nervous system through energy vibration clearing and balancing techniques, Boyd helps clients reach all the way back to childhood memories, then integrates massage, yoga, and energy healing into treatment plans. However, Boyd emphasizes that healing takes place from within and she is merely the facilitator. “I’m personally not about changing you part-way. I want to be holistic and give you the tools so that you know how you can continue to heal your life, to heal yourself.”

If you would like more information or to schedule a session with Persephone Boyd, please visit her website,, email her at, or call 315-536-4040.

Gabrielle Wheeler is a freelance writer from the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. On her parenting blog,, she writes about tending to the whole child and parent. She also works in a local health center as an interpreter/patient navigator.

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