The 22nd Annual Life in the Finger Lakes Photo Contest winners


With numerous photos entered this year, the annual photo contest is still a resounding success and testament to the readers of this magazine.

What are the benefits of entering a photo contest? According to, there are myriad of reasons for doing so. For starters, a photo contest can give you direction in your craft. Having a contest with a theme, such as this one where the theme is taking photos within the 14 counties of the Finger Lakes Region, can help you focus your subject matter.

“Contests provide the perfect opportunity to hone your skill in another area of photography. Contests also allow you to adapt the way you take photos to fit the theme,” states the website, where it describes pushing you out of your comfort zone.

A photographer can also gain exposure through entering a contest. There may be a chance that the magazine will start using a winning photgrapher’s work on a regular basis. Or the winner can add to their portfolio and thereby attain more professional work and commissions.

Inspiration can also be acquired by seeing what other photos have entered and won. I have noticed over the years that a winning photo one year that may, for example, be a photo of a whitetail deer fawn which will spawn other entries the following year. And this can also lead some photographers to seek related, yet slightly different subjects. Variety is the spice of life.

No matter your reason for entering, I’m so happy that you did! I hope your inspiration will continue into the next year and compel you to enter the contest yet again. Hey, you never know. You might win!

– Mark Stash, editor
















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