Texture and Light The Photography of Fred Trumbore

Without color to distract the eye, black-and-white photographs allow the viewer to see a full range of tonal values, with light emphasizing texture and shapes.

Fred Trumbore is a self-taught photographer. During his high school years he was the school newspaper and yearbook photographer. From the mid 1960s through the 1980s, Fred was a wedding photographer and worked for the Batavia Daily News, covering evening events, sports and pictorial essays for the weekend editions.

When he retired from printing, Fred became active in camera clubs and devoted his time to nature and landscape photography. For the last six years Fred has been showing his work in galleries in Rochester.

In 2002, Fred’s photography shifted to black and white. Influenced by the work of Ansel Adams, John Sexton, and Edward Weston, Fred wanted to pursue a subtler medium that would focus on texture and value. Color photographs, he found, overpowered the elements he sought to emphasize.
To contact Fred Trumbore, write to 275 North Street, Caledonia, NY 14423, or call (585) 538-6702.

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