Spring Woodlands

“Every year when I go to the woods to photograph on those first soft, warm days, it is like walking into a whole new world. First come the odd, yet elegant skunk-cabbage blossoms and the soft willow catkins. Spiraled new fern leaves unfurl towards the light. Then the trees are budding. Their branches are adorned with living jewels of reds, pinks and the freshest hues of vibrant green. The earliest clusters of woodland plants boldly push up through the rich earth that was hidden from us under the thick snow of a long winter. These early wildflowers are the most unique in form and shape, and probably the most anticipated of the year. Intrepid and delicate, they show they are most deserving of their solo performance on the forest floor.”

"Again each year, these first warm days bring a childlike excitement that cannot be satisfied. The landscape comes to life once again, born from the cool dark richness of the earth, and the brilliant warming sun and sky. This time of year encourages us to get out and explore the wild places all around us. These landscapes are not only for the life planted there, they are a little sanctuary for our internal landscapes as well. When I look through the lens of my camera, I look to find a place between the two.”

by Mindy Arledge

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