Spring Has Arrived … Finally

Photo courtesy Sycamore Hill Gardens

Screaming, kicking, and dragging its feet, spring has finally arrived. Personally, the anticipation of spring throughout the winter always seems to make those long months worth it in the end. When those first few days of spring finally hit, a change is felt. I’d say “eager” is the most accurate way to describe the Finger Lakes Region when spring hesitantly begins to show its face. After months of winter (with a capital “W”) as the main topic of conversation, people are noticeably ready to move on. We’re through with feeling personally insulted by snowfall, getting our hopes up at the prospect of a day above 30 degrees, and hesitating to complete such medial tasks such as grocery shopping due to the unfortunate necessity of walking outside in order to get to the car.

When spring arrives in the college town of Ithaca, we consign to the fact that we’ll don shorts too early and bear the consequence of feeling a little chilly. Our bank accounts will noticeably begin to deplete because of our inability to resist the temptation of dining and going out (I know that until recently I almost entirely forgot about outdoor seating). Social groups will expand because suddenly it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming to walk to a party a few streets down the hill. It’s an exciting time. But as exciting as this time is, the element of anticipation continues to sink through. During the winter months, it’s hardly socially acceptable to even mention the word “summer.” When spring hits, though, the whisper of summer becomes a murmur, and eventually evolves into a full-fledged conversation.

This summer I’ll be staying here in Ithaca – working part-time at my college’s organic garden and hopefully remaining academically engaged by reading and working on my writing. I’m so looking forward to the many options this area has to offer—the music, the food, and outdoor adventures will be many. But first I’ll be enjoying this long-awaited spring ...

by Kathleen Malnati




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