Simple Pleasures

A springtime excursion to Hanford Farms is a perfect family outing for Mother’s Day. This resplendent park is filled with themed walking areas reminiscent of the exotic gardens of European opulence combined with the Zen-like simplicity of Asia. It offers a unique experience for all ages.

Cross over the stepping-stone bridge between twin mirror ponds. Follow the pathway through a forest of radiant flowers and life-size statuary to the lands of China and Japan. When you reach the Labyrinth you may discover the famed Minotaur shielded by twisting rows of 10-foot juniper hedges.

All this seems unlikely in the countryside of rural Marcellus, but this unique property is the creative inspiration of owner Karen Hansford, who generously allows visitors an up-close look at the results of her hard work. This lusciously landscaped farm and park of unfathomable natural beauty is also used as a fundraiser for nearby Baltimore Woods. It is open to the public at least once a year.

story by Mary Humphrey, photos by Craig Humphrey

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