Seneca Lake Volunteers Needed

Seneca Lake Shoreline Monitoring Program

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association (SLPWA) in collaboration with the Finger Lakes Institute (FLI) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) plans to survey and record data about Seneca Lake's shoreline again this year.

Last summer, 45 SLPWA volunteers carried out a systematic shoreline survey project for 12 weeks in a effort to detect and alert the Seneca Lake community about Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs). The appearance of HABS seems to be related to a high level of nutrient-contaminants flowing into Seneca Lake from streams.

Over 90% of last year’s volunteers have agreed to participate in the shoreline monitoring program this year, their survey zones are marked in GREEN on the map. In an effort to get a more complete picture of where HABs appear on the lake, we hope to expand the monitoring to include the entire Seneca Lake shoreline, measuring over 75 miles.


SLPWA needs your help!

Volunteers are needed to monitor the RED segments of shoreline on the map.


As a volunteer you will:

• Attend a 2 hour Shoreline Monitoring training session.

• Observe the same segment of shoreline for a 9 week period beginning July 30.

• Document conditions using a digital camera or smart phone and submit a weekly report.


To learn more about this program, click here, enter your contact information and click submit; a Shoreline Monitoring team member will contact you within a few days.

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