Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association Announces 3rd Annual PURE Beer Week

From Left: Watershed Brewing Company brewer, Matt Fitch and Owner, Ken Greenwood who owns Watershed with his wife, Lisa. Watershed is hosting the collaboration brew at their brewing facility on behalf of the SLOBs.

A Collaboration with the Seneca Lake Order of Brewers to Raise Awareness about Lake Health

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is excited to announce the launch of Seneca Lake PURE Beer Week from July 29 - August 4, 2024. During this week, at least 9 craft breweries from the Seneca Lake Order of Brewers will release a collaborative brew to promote Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association and its important mission of preserving and protecting Seneca Lake.

As of today’s date, the breweries that have committed to the PURE Brew campaign include: Lucky Hare Brewing, WeBe Brewing Company, Brewery Ardennes, Watershed Brewing Company, Seneca Lodge Brewing, Big aLICe Brewing, Scale House Brewery, Grist Iron Brewing Company and Lake Drum Brewing. More breweries and other local businesses may join the collaboration prior to the launch of the campaign.

“This collaboration beer is a great opportunity to once again bring together our close community of Seneca Lake breweries to raise awareness of the importance of our shared and largest ingredient in all our beer … the pure waters of Seneca Lake” said Derek Edinger, owner of Brewery Ardennes and Founder of the Seneca Lake Order of Brewers.

“Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association values our close relationship with the Seneca Lake Order of Brewers and appreciates their dedication to the health of Seneca Lake” said Bill Roege, President of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association. “Beer makers understand the vital importance of ‘pure water’, not only as a key ingredient of beer, but for the economic vitality of our region. Our breweries have been helping us raise funds for a few years. Those funds, along with individual memberships and donations, help us help the lake. We hope this year’s PURE Brew campaign is a great success! “

On May 28, brewers from participating breweries worked together to create 30 barrels of a collaborative brew at Watershed Brewing in Geneva. The new craft beer can be found in each brewery’s taproom during PURE Beer week, where information about the work of Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association will be on display. This Italian-style Pilsner, named PURE Pils, will be available during PURE Beer Week and as supplies last.

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association and the Seneca Lake Order of Brewers would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous donations to the cause: Branding agency, Works Design Group (New Jersey) volunteered their time to the effort and agreed to develop custom artwork for PURE Brew labels, logos and promotional materials featuring information about Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association; NY Craft Malt (Batavia) donated 50% of the grain used in the brew; The Hop Guild (Elmira) donated 15% of the hops used and Brewers Supply Group (BSG) donated 100% of the yeast.

The hope is that Seneca Lake PURE Beer Week becomes an annual event involving more local breweries and businesses helping to bring visibility to the need to keep Seneca Lake clean and healthy for future generations.    


About Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association:
Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association (Seneca Pure Waters) was established in 1990 to promote the understanding, preservation, and improvement of the water quality, natural habitat, and general environmental conditions of Seneca Lake. Please visit our website for additional information:
About Seneca Lake Order of Brewers:
Seneca Lake Order of Brewers are a collective of breweries located around Seneca Lake, NY that strive to produce the finest craft beverages in the region and provide exceptional customer experiences in their tasting rooms along the Seneca Lake Brew Trail. For more information, see

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