Seeking Alternative Therapy Options

My back has been bothering me lately and I have been considering using alternative treatment options for my problem. Luckily, these options abound across the Finger Lakes Region, each coming year seeming to bring more and more choices for those looking for something other than medical pain management. My favorite part is that they all offer additional emotional and mental benefits as well.

In the past I have used chiropractic services for my back pain. Practicing chiropractic doctors are licensed to manually adjust or manipulate the spine thereby providing relief to neuromuscular disorders. My chiropractor performs a deep tissue massage prior to her adjustment to warm up the muscles, which also offers lasting benefits due to the relaxation and stretching involved. Seneca Falls is home to the New York Chiropractic College, nationally recognized for its academic and scientific excellence.

Another option is massage therapy. Spas and independent massage therapists are abundant across the region offering an array of techniques, one just has to read up on options and seek it out. Massage is touted as having a positive effect on a variety of problems, such as anxiety, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and digestive disorders. The Finger Lakes Region is home to three higher education centers that train new massage therapists from around the country with their outstanding programs. These schools are located out of Ithaca, Canandaigua, and Syracuse. Anyone looking for a massage can call one of the schools to inquire about being a practice client for students. Doing a simple internet search with your zip code will also produce numerous local results and the options they offer.

Sensory deprivation tanks are also gaining foot in the region. A sensory deprivation, or float, tank is a tank filled with warm salt water in which one floats in the darkness to deprive the body of external stimuli and achieve maximum relaxation. Just floating in water may not sound like it ought to help a sore back but the ultimate relaxation attained through just letting the body lie cushioned only by water can do wonders. As well, the freedom of mind achieved through sensory deprivation can help one let a lot of retained tension go.

Other options are available as well, including acupuncture, yoga, and meditation, but these are the three ideas I toss around the most. Prices vary for each service but so does the amount of time spent receiving it so I am on the fence about which option I want to choose. Perhaps, I will do myself a favor and prioritize one every few weeks for the rest of the year so I can start 2018 off right.

By Gabrielle L. Wheeler

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