Seasonal Snapshots Galore

by Mark Stash

The November/December issue is always special and extra fun to put together.

For starters, this issue has been the premier showcase for Finger Lakes photo buffs for 22 years. It gives everyone a chance to get their favorite photo published in the annual photo contest for all Finger Lakes enthusiasts to see (page 44). Curating all of the entries certainly takes a lot of extra time because of the vast number of extraordinary photos. And every year it’s so difficult to judge what the best photographs are. Inevitably, there are always some that don’t make it to the winners’ circle that are very deserving nonetheless.


It’s also at this time of year that we’re thinking ahead to the holiday season and all the excitement and warm feelings that it brings. We love putting together the holiday showcase (page 8), highlighting wonderful unique products sold in the Finger Lakes Region. Readers have told us that they love our articles and photographs, and along with that, they love looking at all of the colorful advertisements within this issue. It makes for a well-rounded reading gem. And many readers buy products from advertisers because they see their ad in the magazine.

I also look forward to this time of year because the cold weather doesn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Taking long walks and even hiking during the late fall and early winter can be invigorating. Kit Fruscione writes about her hiking and biking adventures in her own backyard, or at least, in the area in which she lives. Mendon Ponds Park and the Erie Canal Trail both serve as her outdoor playground (page 54). She witnesses beautiful snowy landscapes and the wildlife within that call these places home.

I haven’t even touched upon all the fun indoor activities as well, such as viewing beautiful quilts at an art center in Auburn (page 62), tasting wine at Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery (page 58), and getting cozy and reading a good book (page 76).

Enjoy the change in the seasons, and happy holidays to all of you!


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