Scott and Sean Weaver, Jewelers

The Finger Lakes region is full of great beauty. Rolling hills give way to acres of farmland and magnificent waterfalls. Shimmering lakes offer peaceful respite and opportunities for fun. Breathtaking in every season, it’s no wonder that the Finger Lakes region has become a top destination for tourists and an inspiration to artists.

Scott and Sean Weaver are brothers and artists, and are deeply inspired by the Finger Lakes, despite the fact that they were born in Troy, Pennsylvania. The two fell into goldsmithing when Scott took a course on jewelry-making at Mansfield University. They studied their craft as apprentices, learning the finer points of crafting gold by hand. They spent years doing wholesale designs for large retailers before moving to Elmira in 2001 to open their own shop.

Scott and Sean have developed a real feel for the area and have created a line of Finger Lakes-inspired jewelry that has captured the attention of local designers and buyers. Their enameled lake pendants are highly stylized, resembling wearable, framed portraits of the individual lakes. Since this area is the second largest wine region in the country, Scott and Sean have created pendants in the shape of glasses and bottles of wine and champagne. They use perfect gems, like amber-green quartz, to represent champagne.

The brothers make all of their exquisite pieces by hand; they don’t carve their designs in wax and then cast their jewelry, like many other jewelers. The Weaver brothers spend hours shaping and forming every piece they create, which gives their jewelry a unique, distinctive look.

Scott and Sean hope to help revitalize downtown Elmira while displaying their own unique jewelry as well as the work of other artisans. They continue to design their Finger Lakes-inspired line and are currently searching for the perfect gem to create a blush-wine pendant.

Scott and Sean Weaver welcome custom orders and are happy to talk to those interested in their jewelry. To view their work or contact them about commissions, call the brothers at 607-733-1300 or visit their store, Weaver Goldsmithing, in Elmira.

by Melissa Sue Sorrells

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