Rx for Winter Blues

If you’re someone who thinks the Finger Lakes climate brings six months of winter, here is the perfect remedy: get out and play! This prescription occurred to me while recovering from minor knee surgery. Being unable to participate in my usual fun winter diversions like skiing, skating and building snow forts with my kids, it occurred to me that shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling was not that much fun. Winter needs to be a little work and a lot of play. And play you can in the Finger Lakes! Our region is blessed with 11 ski areas, nine cross-country ski centers, several indoor and outdoor ice skating facilities, and 11 lakes.

Greek Peak Mountain Resort in Cortland and Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua are the largest downhill ski and snowboard centers. There are dozens of scenic cross-country ski trails in state and county parks and state forests. Check with your local county travel organization for the best outdoor facilities in your area.

I know what you’re saying: “But the weatherman says the wind chill is 10 below!” Remember, wind chill only applies to exposed skin. So, do not go out in a bikini. Here are some tips for comfortable winter fun.

Dress in layers
Several thin layers are actually warmer than one large bulky one because air trapped between layers hold heat in. Plus, if you’re exercising, you’ll want to remove and add layers as you heat and cool.

Wear a hat
Most heat escapes through your head. As you warm up, you can always go to a headband.

Try the new fabrics
New materials in jackets and gloves are water and wind resistant, breathable and amazing. New fabrics in under layers are lightweight, comfortable and wick perspiration away from skin.

Cover up
On the most severe days, use neck gaiter, face mask, and hood.

Winter in the Finger Lakes can be so special if you’re dressed right and keep moving. So, warm up with the shovel and then take off to play!

Downhill Ski and Snowboard Centers
Brantling Ski Slopes, Sodus

Bristol Mountain, Canandaigua

Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center, Fayetteville

Greek Peak Mountain Resort, Cortland

Hunt Hollow Ski Club, Naples

Labrador Mountain, Truxton

Northampton Park, Brockport

Powder Mills Park, Rochester

Song Mountain, Tully

Swain Resort, Swain

Toggenburg Mountain, Fabius

Cross-Country Ski Centers
Bristol Mountain, Canandaigua

Cumming Nature Center, Naples

Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center, Fayetteville

Greek Peak Mountain Resort, Cortland

Highland Forest County Park, Fabius

Podunk Ski Touring, Trumansburg

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by Kristian S. Reynolds

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