Robert Oddy, Stained Glass Artist

A modern artist who does fascinating windows, demonstrating that the art of stained glass is alive and well today.
– From a BBC web page item on the history of stained glass (Jan. 2002)

“The living world provides an endless variety of good subjects for stained glass windows, as it has for art in all media from the earliest times. My work brings vivid, yet subtle and intricate, images of living forms into people’s living and working spaces.

“A distinctive quality of my work is a feeling of depth in the representation of natural subjects, whilst retaining recognizable traits of traditional stained glass art. In my stained glass windows and panels, this impression of depth is largely an illusion created by multiple layers of glass and careful use of color and texture. In some work, however, there is a real sculptural element. I have combined glass with other materials, such as carved wood and cast bronze.

“The richness and beauty in the light, texture, and color of stained glass make it a wonderfully satisfying medium in which to work. I think of my methods as a little like painting. We never perceive the leaves of even a single plant as uniformly green. So, while I work, I have a large variety of glass spread out around me like a palette. By choosing each piece carefully and using multiple layers, I can get artful variations of shade and hue.”

Robert enjoys meeting with people to discuss ideas for commissions, without obligation. Call him at (315) 446-0279 or send an e-mail to for more information. There are many pictures on his website:

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