Richard C. Harrington, Painter/Printmaker

“Not until my early 30s did my lifelong interest in the outdoors merge with my painting and enable me to define what my work is about. Since I was young, I have been more comfortable outside than inside. While canoeing and kayaking have taken me to rivers and lakes across North America, the majority of my work concerns the land I live in, the land around my home in South Lima, New York, the Finger Lakes area, and the Adirondacks. This is where my family and I walk the dogs, hike, and snowshoe, where I canoe in the evening.

“It is in the familiar landscape that I find what I am looking for — the shapes, contours, rhythms and colors that feel like my place in the world, the images that settle deep in my mind, that provide a sense of place, and of fitting in. In a world that increasingly separates us from the natural world, I hope my work may serve as a reminder of our connection to it.”

When Rick paints in oil, he likes to work in layers; light over dark, cool colors over warm, to create the feeling he’s trying to achieve. His finished painting is done in his studio, based on inumerable sketches from scenes that he sees on his daily travels. In order to capture the essence of the images, he makes color notes directly on his loose line drawings.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Rick’s artwork, or in learning more about him and his work, visit his Web site at Rick lives in South Lima and can be reached at 585-346-0772 or by e-mail at

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