Reserve a balloon ride now for a September surprise

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article in the September/October 2017 issue on the Dansville Balloon Festival for even more information about balloons and balloon rides.

By Derek Doeffinger

There are balloons and then there are balloons. Sure you’ve handed over a bouquet of balloons to help celebrate a loved one’s event.

But you can do better than that. Join your favorite someone on a balloon ride. But not just any balloon ride. Take one that lifts off during the Dansville Balloon Festival this coming Labor Day weekend. Any ride in a hot air balloon is fun and exciting – and great for forming a personal bond.

But what’s even more exciting is to take a ride during a balloon festival. You’ll be on the launch field, part of the action, mingling with all the other balloonists. Then as you rise into the sky, you can look down at the crowd and remaining balloons they’re inflated and lifting off the ground. 

Once in the air, you float on the breezes and shout back and forth with your fellow travelers.  And you don’t have to worry, because riding in a hot air balloon is very safe and very smooth.    

To schedule a balloon ride during the festival, go to, and look for “Fly With Us” on the left side of the page for the balloon ride information. Tethered rides are also available. But don’t wait too long, balloon launch rides fill up fast.

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