Regional Tourism Gets a New Look


The joy of planning a visit to the Finger Lakes often begins with a curiosity and drive to explore more.

To better convey the Finger Lakes experience, Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance will now connect with travelers through its new “Explore Finger Lakes” branded campaigns.

Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance was founded in 1919 to lead tourism marketing efforts for the region. Based in Penn Yan, the organization reaches nearly 2 million people worldwide annually through its website and a wide array of print publications on behalf of more than 540 tourism-dependent and hospitality-related business partners.

In the early spring of 2023, new leadership identified the need to provide higher value communication with those planning trips to the region. By the summer, research was underway, contacting tens of thousands of past and potential Finger Lakes visitors to identify their core travel motivations and what most attracted them to the region.

In conjunction with Crafting A Brand Co., a Mendon-based design company, and informed by the recent research, the Explore Finger Lakes brand was formed over an intensive seven-month creative period.

“We exist to express the bounty of great things to do in the Finger Lakes. As the region’s destination marketing organization, we lean into and amplify those things with our messaging,” said President & CEO Meghan Lawton. “The name Explore Finger Lakes serves as an inspiring and highly functional starting point for visitors to connect with our attractions, natural wonders, lodging, wine and craft beverage culture, dining options and more.”

The first piece of Explore Finger Lakes branded marketing is the 2024 Travel Guide, the 73rd edition published by the organization. It too has an exciting new look geared towards a simple concept “People Having Fun in the Finger Lakes,” said Manager of Social Media & Communications Jason Jordan. “Nothing sells a destination like seeing people smiling and having a good time, and we have that in abundance here in the Finger Lakes.”

The 2024 Finger Lakes Travel Guide is available now by making a request at, or by calling our office at 315-536-7488.

The new branded campaigns will be accompanied by a new website – It is due to be launched later this spring.

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