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This is part of the collection of "super subscriber" Mary Ann Conley

20 Years Later, Our Dedicated Subscribers Fuel Our Passion

Subscribers to Life in the Finger Lakes truly do make a difference in the world of this magazine publisher! Since the magazine first started in 2001, loyal readers have enabled the brand to grow and flourish. Now, 20 years later, the magazine is bigger and better than ever. We would like to offer a big THANK YOU to all subscribers and readers. Let’s see what some of you have to say.



I thought I might be a “super subscriber,” but it looks like I was a few editions too late. My earliest one is Fall 2002. But to figure that out I decided to get all my back issues sorted and posed for a photo shoot. Each pile is a year’s worth (from 2002 to present) and the edition on top is my favorite cover from that year. I am missing Spring 2007, so maybe I made the mistake of loaning it to someone.

I love the magazine! It’s a beautiful magazine to browse and read. Congratulations on 20 years!
— Mary Ann Conley, Rochester

Thank you for Mary Ann for the amount of time you took to take a photo of all of your magazines. That’s amazing! And you definitely qualify as a “super subscriber.” It is because of your support and enthusiasm, and that of others like you, that we continue to publish the very best product we can. — Editor



It’s the only magazine that I actually look through all the ads, because they often contain something new and/or interesting. And potentially become a destination when traveling around the area.



Life in the Finger Lakes is the only magazine I continue to subscribe to. I read every issue cover to cover; many ads included. I grew up in the Finger Lakes and think it the most beautiful place in the world. (And I’ve been in many different places.) Your magazine not only keeps me from feeling homesick when we’re away, but also keeps me updated on what new and different things there are to see. I truly hope you are able to publish for another 20+ years! I intend to keep reading!
— Julia Wickham Butterfield



I am originally from Geneva and moved to Washington State in 1980. My brother, who still lives there, sent me an ad for the magazine back many years ago and I signed up immediately without hesitation. Living so far from home, I felt the magazine would keep me close to the area I grew up in. My husband, who is from Washington State, has only visited the Geneva area a couple of times and he even enjoys reading the magazine. It has brought us a flood of wonderful memories. Through the magazine, we have seen many new and exciting things, plus places to go, should we ever return for another visit to the area. We have saved every single issue from every year since receiving the very first issue. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years and 80 issues later! We have quite the collection, to say the least. Many thanks for giving us such a great magazine all these years. We look forward to getting the magazine with every new season.
— Barbara Gustin



“Growing up on Seneca Lake, spending many summers on Keuka Lake, and living on Otisco Lake for several years, LIFL keeps all those great memories alive and well.”
— Bob Parrish



I have no idea how long I have been a subscriber but we love the magazine ... and the Finger Lakes ... a gem that’s not so hidden anymore! Keep up the good work.
— Fred Brace

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