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Your article struck home with me (“Good Bones,” January/February 2017).
Since the early 1980s, my wife and I have been working to restore the old railroad depot here in Aurora. We purchased it and the land it sat on, as that property adjoined property we already owned. The depot was built in 1889 by the Lehigh Valley Railroad. It was closed in the early 1960s. Given the long, slow decline in fortunes of the LVRR, this old relic had been neglected for many years prior to its closing.
As we pondered what to do with limited resources, we more or less took it one step at a time – and time was the one thing we seemed to have plenty of. Good thing, too, as it gave us the opportunity to see that we truly had a unique structure worthy of saving. Suffice to say that while we are still a long way from completing our restoration, we have given it new life by creating a much-loved and utilized family gathering point, and saving a unique piece of local history. If it could speak, it would surely tell some amazing stories of a bygone era, when it was the transportation and communications center for our village and surrounding area.        
Thanks again for your article, and for bringing attention to the value of these “old bones.”

– Tom Gunderson, Aurora

It was great to see the Star Theatre of Dansville featured in your January/February 2017 issue. It is a great local place to enjoy a movie. However, the article identifies the location of the Star Theatre incorrectly. It is located in Livingston County, not Steuben County.

— Barb Sundlof, North Dansville

We have been notified by many readers about this mistake. The magazine certainly regrets this error.

— Editor

Thank you for your informative article on sheep and goat farming in the Finger Lakes. However, I think your story would have been better if you had included a section about folks raising sheep and cattle in our area that have a different farming model. These are smaller farms where  sheep, goats and cattle are raised strictly on grass. The health benefits of grass fed animals raised in non-factory farm conditions are becoming important to many people , as are the issues surrounding grains raised by conventional farming methods.

— Steve Bisset

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