Reader Feedback

I recently received a spreadsheet from the Finger Lakes SPCA with up-to-date figures on the distribution and fund raising from Willy of the Crooked Lake (“Willy’s Legacy,” July/August 2016). I think I have come up with a reasonably good estimate of how the article impacted book sales. We seemed to have a burst of orders after the middle of June. Needless to say, this has been a big boost to the fundraising for the new shelter at River’s Edge Farm. Many thanks! We continue to be grateful for Laurel Wemett’s careful work and for the wonderful spread Mark gave us in the summer issue of the magazine.
– Gary Pierce Brown, Hammondsport

I really enjoy your magazine, and I have for a long time. But, I’m noticing a shift away from articles on small towns/events in the area. The photography articles (hints and how-tos) are beautiful – but I miss the articles about places! They always made me want to visit them, and some I actually have. Thanks for the gorgeous magazine.
– Pat Gardner, York, New York

We do highlight many areas of interest, although they don’t always fall under the “Day Trip” title. In the future, we’ll be more cognizant of including more places to visit. – Editor

Housekeeping Updates

How could you possibly have omitted Syracuse University from the list of college rowing programs on page 42 of the September/October 2016 issue? With possible exception of Cornell, Syracuse University has to be the oldest program in the area – decades old!
– Anonymous e-mail

In spite of our best efforts to present complete and correct information in the magazine, on occasion omissions happen. We certainly regret this oversight.
– Editor

The bird being banded on page 73 of the September/October 2016 issue is a chickadee – not a Blackpoll warbler as printed.
– Lucian Parshall

Although both birds look very similar from that angle – and after much debate from bird experts – we concur that it is indeed a chickadee.
– Editor

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