A Potpourri of Pleasing Reads

It’s been said that this magazine usually has something of interest for everyone within its pages. I think this fall’s issue is a perfect example of that. Many points of interest are covered – from history to human interest, from beautiful autumn landscapes to artistic photographs of classic cars. Let me introduce you to several of the stories.

Interest in birds and bird watching has increased in popularity. Feeding songbirds in the backyard has always held an appeal for many people. Also, there are specific plants that you can landscape your yard with to encourage more birds to use it as a habitat. Learn more about that on page 68.

Residents of the region are lucky to have a world-class institution in Ithaca that is all about birds. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a wealth of information, and they are a world leader in the gathering and distributing of information about the study of birds. Sapsucker Woods is also a part of the lab that is open to the public. Walking trails, observation platforms, ponds and an information center create an environment of learning for people who are casually interested in birds to the die-hard birders that spend a good portion of their time and resources studying the winged creatures. Turn to page 54 to read more.

Attending an auction can be beneficial for an individual. You can get that rare piece for which you’ve been searching. And, an auction can just be a good time for entertainment – watching the crowd bid on goods, listening to the unique way an auctioneer conducts her craft, and even getting some good food during the event – all of these things add up to fun. We’ve focused on Laurie Bostwick, an auctioneer who’s based in Candor, on page 22.

Jim Hughes, the long-time writer of “Proud Community” articles for the magazine has focused this time on Baldwinsville (page 78). It’s a wonderful village just northwest of Syracuse, set on the Seneca River, which is a part of the present day Erie Canal. The village is canal-oriented. It even has a part of the village located on an island, which is set between rapids and falls of the river, and a canal lock on the other side of the island. Concerts during the warmer months are held on the grounds of the island, and people can pull right up to the edge of the canal and dock their boats and shop and eat and watch concerts. My wife and I have visited Baldwinsville several times over the past few years during the fall. We’ve really enjoyed our time there, and look forward to trying out a new restaurant every year.

Cars have long been a part of the lifeblood of the Finger Lakes Region. We have car racing tracks everywhere, including the famous one in Watkins Glen. We have highly-skilled professionals who restore old cars in wonderful and unique ways. Car shows are a big part of the summer and fall in the region. Sid Mann is one car show attendee who decided to look at classic cars in a new way by focusing his photos on artistic aspects of the vehicle’s body. Pages 64-67 showcase Sid’s work.

There are many more eclectic articles in this issue that I don’t have the space here to discuss. You’ll just have to experience them for yourself by turning the pages. Thank you for being an interested and loyal reader.

I also want to remind readers that the annual photo contest deadline is approaching – September 30. Please visit lifeinthefingerlakes.com for detailed information. Have a great fall!

by Mark Stash

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