Photography Philosophy

This is one of my favorite issues of the year. The annual photo contest brings out the best in photography from so many different areas of the Finger Lakes. The variety of subject matter and the techniques used to capture them are not only interesting but unique. The only downside to the contest is the fact that we have to choose a limited number of winners when so many are worthy of the prize.

I took it upon myself to present to you my “editor’s choice” photograph in this column. Pictured is a beautiful shot of a stream in Filmore Glen in Moravia taken by Bob Gates. When I look at this photo it is so soothing and relaxing. Pretend you’re at this stream now, listening to the trickle of water falling over rocks, the sweet smell of the woods all around you, with a green canopy above your head, reflecting its emerald color into the water. I’m not trying to be a salesman here, but can’t you just picture this photograph framed in your living room?

At any rate, when you turn to page 42 of this magazine you will see some truly great photographs taken by someone who could be your neighbor or friend.

I’m also excited about an article on page 49 by Steve Chesler. He’s a professional photographer in Canandaigua, and he gives us amateurs some pointers about taking better pictures. The ideas he presents are quick and to the point, although I’m sure they could be expanded into a book. I think you’ll find his suggestions helpful.

Enjoy the variety of articles, illustrations and photographs we have to offer in this issue. Happy winter!

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