photo contest winners 2022

grand prize “Auroreflections” Color Taken at Wells College Boathouse, Aurora Lisa Skrubis • Ithaca

The 21st Annual Life in the Finger Lakes Photo Contest

The team at Life in the Finger Lakes gets excited every year when it’s photo contest time! It’s really a great way for us to reconnect with the visual beauty that makes up this amazing region of New York State.

One of the exciting aspects of the contest is seeing the diverse subject matter that photographers present in their submissions. Some of the winning photos feature non-traditional images, such as the hands of a 100-year old woman that won first place in the black and white category. Other winners of course include the varied landscapes of the area, from pine forests to expansive views of the lakes.

Wildlife is always a favorite of photographers, and this year is not exception, with several winning in different categories. 

And every year, we wish we could show readers all of the photo submissions that don’t make it to the winner’s circle, because there are many that are so beautiful and so well done.

Let’s continue to see the beauty around us. Take photos. Paint pictures. Capture the region any way you can, especially if it’s a fond memory. It’s certainly special to those of us that love it!

– Mark Stash, editor



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