Peregrines and Bees … well, Wasps

Myers Gardens in Spencer


I saw with great delight the beautiful paintings of the peregrines by Justin Suarez (July/August 2020). It made me feel really good about my efforts to back peregrines at Rochester Gas and Electric in 1994 and then later, in 1996, to put up a nest box on the top of Kodak. It became the famous Kodak Birdcam and is still exciting for so many people. The attached photo shows Mike Allen, aka the Eagle Man, and Barb Loucks, Endangered Species person, both from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, banding a falcon from the Kodak nest.

I am very proud of the success of that project.

– Dennis Money, Canandaigua



I found a copy of your magazine at my hometown Shur-save Market. What a great magazine! Much to my surprise the article on Myers Gardens in Spencer (July/August 2020) was where my daughter got married 9 years ago, and my Mom has her senior group there for picnics. It is a very beautiful place and much more than gardens as stated.

— Joy Joseph

Editors note: The correct spelling is Myers’ Gardens. It was incorrect in the printed issue.



Mark, I enjoyed your editorial in the September/October 2020 issue titled “Words Are Like Bees,” but please note that yellow jackets and white-faced hornets are wasps, not bees. My daughter is an entomologist, and she would not forgive me if I didn’t point out this error. Accuracy counts.

– Jim Dillon

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