People in the Know: Randi Zabriskie


Owner, Jane Morgan’s Little House

Jane C. Morgan, an alumna of Wells College class of 1934, established Jane Morgan’s Little House in 1962. Its original location was the law office of Eleazer Burnham, which he built in 1845 and modeled after his home across the street – Leffingwell House. In the early days of the business, Jane carried 10 lines and rented the second floor of the shop as an apartment.

In 1974, Jane hired Randi Zubriskie. She had come to Wells from Bronxville, New York, and stayed beyond graduation when she met and married Steve Zabriskie. After working twenty years with Randi, Jane retired at age 82 and turned the business over to her. Randi slowly gathered staff, all of whom added a great deal to the growing business.

By 2006, the business had grown so much that it outgrew its little house. Friends and family helped make the move down the street to the newly restored historic Wood House across from the Aurora Inn. A full-time manager was hired to help grow the business. A few years later, Randi’s daughter Haley became the manager.

Today in the beautiful 2,000 square foot space, Jane Morgan’s is alive and well. A thriving business has been cultivated with a following of loyal customers from around Central New York and across the country.

One does not have to wonder what part of the Finger Lakes is Randi’s favorite – which is Aurora, of course. Her husband’s family has been there for generations and they also raised their children in the community. “It is great to be at an age where you can proudly look back at history, while enjoying the present, and have great hopes for the future,” says Randi. “I hope Jane Morgan’s Little House will continue on for many years. Haley and I love working together, but she doesn’t want to do it without me. She always tells me, ‘You are the face of Jane Morgan’s!’ When you do what you love, it’s not work at all.”

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