People in the Know: Pat Tribastone, The P. Tribastone Fine Art Gallery, Canandaigua


Tell us the history of the Pat Tribastone Gallery. What is its mission?

In 2014 I moved my studio from downtown Rochester to Canandaigua. My first studio was above the Wolfe Insurance Company, where I enjoyed a large space. When the opportunity came for a spot on Main Street ground level, I moved to 32 South Main Street, where I have been since 2016. The P. Tribastone Fine Art Gallery specializes in fine art in the realist tradition. Images of florals, still life and landscapes exemplify the skill and dedication of talented local and regional artists.


Tell us a little about your painting technique.

I paint mainly in oil, and some pastel. My paintings are mostly still life done from life right here at the gallery. A painting is done in steps, starting with a basic drawing, and layers of paint applied to create interesting light and shadow forms. Anyone who stops in at the gallery can see where I work, and catch me at my easel.


What inspires you to paint and create?

I am inspired by objects that have some kind of character; old things with interesting shapes and colors, or that seem to have a history of their own. I like to visit antique shops and estate sales to find things to paint.  And flowers, of course.


What part of the Finger Lakes Region do you like the most?


What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self?

Pursue your passion, and work hard at it. You will succeed.


What is one thing people often misunderstand about you?

Artists are not necessarily born with an innate ability to create art; it comes with many years of dedication and hard work.

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