Painted Rocks, Little Treasures


“What is rock painting?” you may ask. It’s nothing but a fun activity where people of all ages can be creative and playful. 

As the local Facebook group “Finger Lakes, NY Rocks” states, “We are painting rocks to ‘hide’ all over the Finger Lakes Region to spread joy and brighten people’s day. Come join us! This is a community-building group meant to inspire creativity in all ages and energize people to explore the beautiful area.” 

Once the rock is painted, the group encourages people to place the rocks in various locations around the area. If you like, reference your local group on the back of the rock. There’s a set of rules online for placement – not trespassing is at the top of the list. To learn more about this, search “Finger Lakes, NY Rocks” on Facebook.

If you find a painted rock, you can either keep it or re-hide it for someone else to find. Taking a photo of it and posting it online is also a way to remember the moment. If you take the rock to keep, you’re encouraged to replace it with another. It’s an activity that many participants find fun and rewarding.

Let’s get started on painting your rocks!

Prep the rocks

• Once you have enough rocks collected, wash them in soapy water to remove any dirt, and let them completely dry.

• Plan your designs to make the process more efficient. Or if you like, just wing it and create as you go. You can do whatever you want – that’s the fun of it!

Paint the rocks

• Gather materials for applying color to the rocks. Mediums to choose from are acrylic paints, alcohol inks, dotting tools, marker pens, watercolors, and more.

• Use a tracing method to transfer a drawing onto the rock. Or just paint freehand. It’s totally up to you!

• Use a base coat of paint so that the design colors will be more vibrant

• A paper towel is best for getting excess water off the paint brush, and for cleaning them between colors

• Once you have painted your design, go back and outline the shapes with a darker color. Paint pens are helpful for this process.

• Include a hashtag, group name or inspirational message on the back if you like.

Protect the rocks

• After the painted rocks are dry (about 24 hours), paint or spray on a sealant. It’s best to do this outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

• Sealing the paint on the rocks will prevent the paint from peeling, and will also protect it from being damaged or the color fading.

Now, go find a cool public area to place your beautiful painted rock for someone else to find! 

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