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The best reasons to invest in one this season

As spring approaches and summer is right behind it, the days get longer. The kids want to spend their time in the yard. The weather is so inviting you want to spend time outside. It’s so much more enjoyable to spend life on the pool deck or on the patio watching the kids swim, play, or just visit with your family and friends as they soak up the sunset and the beautiful weather. Going inside to cook a meal seems like a drag, and ordering takeout doesn’t promote that healthy body you’re aiming for. What does sound amazing, however, is grilling steaks, fresh fish, potatoes, and fresh vegetables on the outdoor grill. What makes it even better is having a sink and a fridge for your condiments and drinks, and cabinets so you can store your summer dishes. You needn’t step foot in the house.

If you’re still not convinced an outdoor kitchen is right for you, Oasis Outdoor Living has a few more reasons you might consider one in your yard. It’s practical, it’s a wise investment, and when you use cast stone to customize the kitchen to your specifications, you make it more affordable than ever to have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams installed.

Entertainment Purposes

Who doesn’t love to entertain when the weather is nice? There’s something so appealing about having friends and family over for a cookout while the kids run through the sprinklers and play in the pool. Spending this time outdoors allows the kids to run, be loud, and no one minds a bit. It allows you to visit, and it makes life that much more enjoyable. Imagine if you didn’t have to go inside for anything when you had guests over for entertainment purposes. You needn’t remove yourself from conversation, spend ample time carrying food and dishes outside and then back in when the meal is over, and you can stick around for the fun.

When you have an outdoor kitchen, you can store everything you need right where you need it. There’s no traipsing inside and out, tracking pool water into the house, or opening and shutting the doors a hundred times a night so the air conditioner is running on overtime. You can stay outside, keep everything within reach, and not miss out. This is what makes entertaining so much more fun.

More Quality Time with Family

Parents know it’s great for the kids to be active in the yard, but they also know it’s difficult to let the kids play in the yard if they’re inside cooking dinner. It’s no fun for children when mom and dad usher them inside to get dinner started when they just want to play. And mom and dad don’t want to stop them from running around working out their energy.

With an outdoor kitchen, your kids can spend more time outside and you’re right there to watch them play. You don’t have to miss out on time with the family, listen to any whining, or worry that your kids aren’t safe when you’re not right there. Dinner can go right on the grill, and a meal can be served right on the porch. It’s easy, it’s enjoyable, and you have everything you need right there where it’s easy to find and even easier to use.

Healthier Meals

There’s something so satisfying about grilling vegetables and meat. When you grill food, it’s far healthier than frying it. You’re going to make better, healthier meal choices when you cook outdoors. Sure, you can buy a grill, stick it on the deck, and make dinner out there, but it’s a lot of work to make some food outdoors, other food indoors, and carry things back and forth like that. When everything you need is already outside, you don’t have to do so much work to make dinner outside.

This means you’re going to be more likely to actually cook outdoors on a regular basis when it means doing nothing more than grabbing meat out of the fridge and taking it outside. Healthier meals outside make it easier for you to get that summer body ready, and it’s far easier to meet your fitness and food goals you made during the New Year.

More Living Space

One problem many people have is the fact their houses seem too small. No matter how big or small your house is, it always seems like you need more space when you have people over, when the family grows, or when everyone is piled into one room. When you have an outdoor kitchen, you have more living space. You have another table on which to have meals, and you can install some sliders that open up your house to your pool deck to enable you to have much more room for living and entertaining.

Additionally, having more space to cook when you have holidays and other big events makes it easier to stay stress-free in the kitchen. The space to do it all, cook it all, and keep it all warm is priceless when you have big parties.

Money Saving Ability

Summer can get downright hot, and your house feels the effects. Whether you have central air or not, the house can get quite hot. If you don’t have central air, using the stove or oven might make your house hotter than you’re comfortable with or can even stand. If you do have central air, your utility bill increases significantly during the summer when it runs regularly.

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