Our hearts are in it

by Mark Stash

There are two elements that enable us to publish this magazine. The readers and the advertisers. It’s pretty much a simple formula. Through paid subscriptions, print and online advertisements, and newsstand sales, we can continue to bring the best of the Finger Lakes to the masses. And we cannot say enough how much we truly appreciate all of the support.

From the beginning, we wanted to create something that spoke of our love for this region. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I had a vague understanding of what the Finger Lakes Region embodied.

Once I moved here in the early ’90s, I was immersed in everything that is Upstate New York. And I began to understand what makes this area so special. It’s not only the vast open agricultural areas with views for miles, it’s also the wooded mountains, gorges and lakes that thread their way through and around the fields. The historical villages and cities with an urban feel contrast with, and yet complement, the rural outlook on life. The region is a vast network of differences and similarities, which makes it so alluring.

My business partner Tim grew up in the region. We both see the qualities that make the region special. And we know the Finger Lakes Region. We live in it. We work within its confines. We know the people. We enjoy the products that are created and sold here.

This May/June issue is another step forward for us. We are always striving to improve our product and make it interesting and relevant. If you haven’t noticed by now, the cover feels different, doesn’t it? We like the new texture that has a matte finish, and we think you’ll like it too. Plus, we are presenting more information that we think you’ll find helpful and interesting. Looking for a great new craft beer or bottle of wine? Look to our pages for ideas. We also now have a product section that represents unique products from our advertisers.

I have always enjoyed our stories and photographs. And, I think our advertisers add another dimension to the pages. Not only do they have great and interesting products to sell, they also add an element of interest to the pages. Plus, the ads are just so darn beautiful, they’re nice to look at!
It comes down to this. We can only publish Life in the Finger Lakes because of your support. We promise to always do our best to make a beautiful coffee table publication for you to enjoy. Our hearts are in it.


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