On the Water

Sunset brings a time for “us,” on Cayuga Lake near Lansing

As a professional photographer, I spend most days chasing the light. From dawn’s early rays to the last glorious fade of sunset, the beauty of the Finger Lakes region is truly inspiring. For most of us, a roadside scenic overlook or winery deck is the vantage point of choice. But there is another world out there. It’s the fluid world of water, of buoyancy, of being on and in this crystal clear, blue treasure.

Sailors remark that each time their main sail fills, it pulls them along into a different world. For a short time, cell phones and pagers go unanswered. Water skiers and wake boarders thrill to the speed and challenge of skimming along atop (and above) the water. The lessons of speed, balance and strength inspire confidence. The slow, steady pace of propelling a canoe, kayak, rowboat or skull is both relaxing and exhilarating. It’s the perfect antidote to the stress of our workday worlds.

This summer, my wish is for you to splash into that different world. Whether it’s on that 65-foot yacht or that $1.99 blow-up float, I’m sure that you will come to see the Finger Lakes in a whole new light.

by Kristian S. Reynolds
Kristian S. Reynolds’ two coffee-table books, Finger Lakes Panoramas and Wine Tour of the Finger Lakes (written by Grady Wells) continue to be local favorites. Major clients include Sylvania and I Love New York. Mr. Reynolds lives at Greek Peak Mountain Resort and enjoys snow skiing, sailing, mountain biking and ice hockey. He spends as much time on the water as possible.
(e-mail: reynoldsmedia@htva.net)

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