On The Road Again

We all have busy lives, whether we’re young professionals building careers or retired citizens volunteering our time to improve our community. It’s easy to get so caught up in that kind of existence we sometimes lose touch with ourselves, with what makes us unique and happy.

At this period in my life I find that what makes me happiest is spending time with my family. My wife and I have two children, ages four and eight. The kids are at that point in their lives where they’re always exploring and learning new things. That can certainly be an exciting time for parents too. I know I learn many things teaching them about their environment. I find that even though I think I know the answers to their questions, I have to consider them carefully to make sure I’m correct.

One way to stimulate children’s minds and expand their horizons is to take them on a trip. It can be several hours long or several days long. Going someplace new opens up a whole different world for them.

When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I would go on camping trips with my family. I was several weeks old when I participated in my first camping trip to Maine. Every summer we’d all pile in the station wagon (at one point with eight other brothers and sisters) and take off to see the world. By no means was it a luxurious vacation. We carried just enough with us to make due. On top of the car, my dad would put this huge canvas tent within a special canvas bag he had made just for this job, along with our sleeping bags. My family traveled all over this country and I am forever grateful that we did this. I saw land that differs greatly from the Finger Lakes and Pennsylvania. You can see photographs and watch television shows about other parts of the country and world, but until you experience those areas you never really get the full effect of the countryside and the people that occupy it. I really believe that those trips were a valuable education for me.

I’m reading through the articles in this issue and realize that we have brought to you ideas for a number of trips. From visiting a museum in Auburn to flying high with balloons in Dansville, there is variety in what a family can do on a weekend. Tioga County is a beautiful gem in the Finger Lakes region, with rivers and mountains dominating the land. You can visit a mansion on Keuka Lake or taste delicious Wayne County apples and other delicacies.

Now is the time to get in touch with what makes you happy. Explore the beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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