New Generation + New Vision = Canned Wine


JD Wine Cellars has joined the canned wine movement with the release of their latest vintage in cans. The first on the Lake Ontario Wine Trail in the Rochester area to offer this option to its customers was spearheaded by two of the owners’ daughters, Sarah Henning and Audrey Allen. “When the next generation can come back to the farm with new ideas that are innovative and geared to what our customers are looking for, we are their biggest supporters,” stated Joan Allen, owner and mother.    

“When I was first approached by Bill Ritchie, owner of a local company, Mobile Craft Canning, to can wine, there was no hesitation. I immediately thought - we can do this!’” said Sarah Henning, daughter of Joan & Doug of JD Wine Cellars. “It’s such a fun way to attract guests back to our farm and experience our wine in a new way. We have hosted several ‘adult only’ wine-related events on our farm this year and look forward to incorporating our canned wines in our future events.”

“A mobile canning operation is perfect for our small winery since we do not produce enough wine to justify the capital purchase of canning equipment,” states Audrey Allen, Tasting Room Manager.  “I was a bit nervous when the unit first arrived, and it was a little stressful in the set-up since we had never done anything like this before, but everything came out great.  We already have had positive feedback from our customers during our sneak preview this past weekend!”

JD Wine Cellars is located in Macedon, New York, just 20 minutes east of the city of Rochester. The first production canned both a Red and White blend, with future plans to can a rosé and a 100% fruit wine.  The wine cans hold 375ml, which is a half a bottle of wine. Retailing for $8/can, these are a wonderful alternative to a traditional bottle, without the need for a glass or bottle opener. Both varieties can be consumed room temperature or chilled. All JD Wine Cellars wines are sold exclusively at the winery location. The winery is open 7 days a week, from 12-5pm during the week, 11-6pm on the weekends or until 9pm on Moonlight Maze nights

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