A New Chapter

This issue showcases one of the most popular features of the magazine – the annual photography contest. Readers tell us they enjoy looking at the incredible and creative photos of the area that we love. As I noted within the contest pages, this year marks the first time we’ll be awarding first, second and third place finishes for a new category – “digitally altered.” I know some of you love to play with software and manipulate your photos. Some are truly works of art. This doesn’t mean that conventional color and black and white photos aren’t just as beautiful. They all have their place in this magazine. If the beauty of the region is enhanced by a photo, then I see that as a good thing.

I’m invoking my editor’s choice for the contest this year. Even though these two images didn’t make it through final judging, I think they have merit and are beautiful and interesting shots in their own right. Everyone who entered the contest brought beauty to the world. Please continue to take those great photos. Who knows, maybe next year your photo will grace the magazine’s pages.

Eleven years ago, Life in the Finger Lakes magazine was launched. Its mission was to provide a high-quality publication filled with unique features relating to the lifestyle, history and culture of the Finger Lakes Region. It was to feature interesting and creative graphics, illustrations and photography. That has been the overarching goal for producing each and every issue.

In keeping with that mission, we’re making some changes to the design, starting with this issue. You may notice that we’re using a different font for the body copy – I think it’s a little easier to read, and it’s a little more contemporary. New department header designs give the magazine a more modern look.

The articles continue to represent a good cross-section of the various interests of our readers. For instance, in this issue you’ll read about shopping and dining locally – something that’s becoming more important to our readers’ lifestyles and tastes. And who hasn’t seen a beautiful home on their travels throughout the region and wondered how it looks inside? We’ll start showcasing dream homes in our home improvement department, as well as using that space to educate future homebuilders.

We’ll continue to highlight Finger Lakes communities and bring you stories of the area’s history. And of course, beautiful photography will always be a mainstay.

I’m very excited to begin the next chapter of publishing excellence.

by Mark Stash

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