Never miss a moment of Life in the Finger Lakes with the magazine’s new mobile app

Life in the Finger Lakes has recently launched a mobile app version of its magazine, now available for FREE download. The mobile app is an added option for on-the-go readers, in addition to the magazine’s print version.

Life in the Finger Lakes is always in your pocket with this new mobile app. The latest issue of each magazine can now be experienced on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones. The app is designed to accommodate those who prefer to read online, while offering the same quality and content as the print magazine.

The layout of the magazine is optimized for the mobile app and the quality design is still there. Plus, it’s interactive – videos that accompany articles are clickable right from the app. To further enhance the reader’s experience, the app offers enough space to update or expand on stories – something that can’t always be done in the print magazine, where space is limited.

“Our ultimate goal is to get the magazine in front of as many people as possible,” says Mark Stash, editor of Life in the Finger Lakes. “We want readers to have a choice. We just want them to enjoy the magazine, in whatever way they can.”

The Life in the Finger Lakes app is now available for free on the Apple App Store and Google play. It can also be downloaded at

Download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Get it on Google play for Android devices

Kindle users - click here to view the magazine

If you would like further information on Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, please contact:

Mark Stash, Editor

Phone: 800-344-0559




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