Native Trees Planted Along Nations Road in Geneseo


This fall, Genesee Valley Conservancy planted 53 trees along Nations Road in Geneseo as part of their continuing effort to replace the more than 300 ash trees that died and were cut down in 2020 because of the emerald ash borer infestation.

To-date, the conservancy has planted 132 native trees along Nations Road. The trees planted are of various species to help prevent a future blight from having such a major impact on the road. Trees planted consisted of bitternut hickory, hackberry, basswood, oaks (pin/white/red/swamp), maples (sugar/black), sycamore, and birch (yellow/black).

Thanks to community donations, a first round of planting was completed two years ago.  This year, they completed a second round of planting to fill in gaps and extend the planting zone. More than three miles of Nations Road has now been replanted.

Special thanks go to Barefoot Septic, Special Tees, White Oak Nursery, and over 145 community members for making this work possible through donations to Genesee Valley Conservancy for this project.

Learn more about the Genesee Valley Conservancy.


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